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by ~Jeane B.~
! Mke Wangu Ni Shetani !

"Mke Wangu Ni Shetani" is the story of Di'Lasa, a young woman who on her wedding day is killed suddenly, and sent to hell...

0 subs, 7 views
Fantasy 1
#comedy, #death, #demons, #hell
No Free 2021-12-06 2021-12-06

by K_in_Kaze

Kuniki, a high school boy who found no purpose in his hard work and studying over the past years, Decides to get full marks until the rest of his final year in high school without doing any work.

12 subs, 1.73k views
Comedy 28
No Free 2020-05-18 2020-10-15

by jamesborhan226633
!!LIVE!![HD-TV] Roger Federer vs Matthew Ebden live streaming online hd tv

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0 subs, 2 views
Romance 1
No Free 2018-06-22 2018-06-22

by Tiffa2

**IMPORTANT!! THIS IS NOT THE CURRENTLY UP TO DATE VERSION OF THE STORY!! THIS IS A OLDER VERSION AND DOESNT CURRENTLY REFLECT HOW I INTEND TO TELL THE STORY! The up to date version can be found on my page!** Special Note Project Rampid is a story that I've been pouring all of my resources into. Started in 2012 as a little mini comic, it has slowly but surely grown into it's own little world. A world that i want to share with anyone who's willing to read my silly little story. I want people to have fun while reading and to leave feedback as I will be reading any and all comments posted. If you stop reading even now, I will still be grateful for your even considering! Please do enjoy our hard work and labor as much as we enjoyed creating it! -we here at Tiffa2 and Crew. Special thanks to Jasmine, Sarah, Ashley, Debbie, Jarre, Mom, Dad, And everyone who helped to bring this series to light! I love you all ----------------------------------------- Story Synopsis Everyday the average human will experience a wide spectrum of emotions. If a loved one dies, you'd feel sad. If you win a lottery you may feel happy. I your followed by a clown you may feel scared. Now take all those feelings and imagine- What would it be like if you felt no emotion at all? Yukiko Tanimoto had her emotions sealed away at a young age, and had lived her childhood in a emotionless state called "Unum Sine Passione." She was on a track to living a pretty dull life of no feeling, until something happened. Some tiny humans who came into her life. Who are they? The personifications of our very human emotions! They need her assistance as a human vessel to combat the evils of the negative emotions and their influences. Please Tune in as we watch yukiko and her struggle in a attempt to drive away their evils and gets back in touch with her true self.

2 subs, 419 views
Comedy 1
#Action, #comedy, #Comic, #drama, #manga, #personified emotions, #project rampid, #rampid
Yes Free 2017-05-11 2020-03-29

by ~Jeane B.~
!!~Necrocity~ !!

Created by RaichuTheWriter, Iris Kun, Dani, Purple Sunset, and Kamryn "Jeane" B. " Necrocity" is a horror-comedy following the main character, Alex, who goes out to explore but finds himself in some...less than ideal situations...

6 subs, 131 views
Horror 3
#comedy, #GORE, #parody
No Free 2021-03-29 2022-02-08

by Ooka-san
!HATERS! bye bye freedom

Interactive story on twitter https://twitter.com/haters_byebyeF (owned by @ooka_Rmacintosh) Follow the story HATERS//you can interact with the characters and the scenes, it will play in the future of the story

49 subs, 516 views
Horror 2
#death, #hate, #haters, #interactive, #mad, #madness, #murderer, #mystery, #storie
No Free 2019-06-14 2019-06-14

by Moon W.
!June special! All or Nothing

June special Comic about gender, sexuality, and of course, shenanigans.

5 subs, 599 views
Slice of life 9
No Free 2017-06-06 2018-03-01

by Ooka-san
!mater vale!

The new life of 4 dead 15 years old kids.

40 subs, 1.67k views
Comedy 12
#child, #comedy, #dead, #dead_child, #death, #slice_of_life, #zombie
No Free 2019-05-08 2019-05-18

by Inky Cat
!This World!

This World is about a normal, average girl whose life got flipped upside down in one day...

1 subs, 243 views
Fantasy 1
No Free 2018-03-20 2018-03-20

by Meghna Pai
" My Random Life "

Doesn't life seem random sometimes? "My Random Life" is a collection of short stories that are based on those random moments, These stories are inspired by my day-to-day life which I feel are interesting enough to share with people. Stick around to see if your life is also random. WEEKLY UPDATES ON TUESDAY Follow my socials to be updated on bts of this series- @_my.random.life, to see my other artworks follow-@dreams_through_art_ on Instagram. Hope you enjoy my stories

9 subs, 453 views
Slice of life 23
#comedy, #indian_artist, #indian_comics, #indian_webcomic, #life, #my_random_life, #slice_of_life, #webcomic, #webseries
No Free 2021-02-26 2021-08-02

by rock2
"2 Heart x 1"

Cuenta la historia de dos hermanas que estan enamoradas de un vecino ,una no conoce la verguenza muy rara vez la veras sonrojada la otra es timida algo tsunderete y mal hablada ,el chico es un joven normal que le han enseñado que solo debe elegir una chica para toda la vida entonces ,entonces estas dos hermanas de gran busto lo seducen de un monton de formas embarazosas ,el chico tiene un mejor amigo pervertido que es golpeado todo el timempo ya que se zarpa con cada chica que ve,luego hay otros personajes como una chica que lleva un buzo con capucha que no se lo saca por ningun motivo,otra pequeña aficionada a los dulces y 2 mejores amigas la plana y la tetona que son victimas de chistes de comparacion como melones y limones,tabla de lavar ,cuerpo de pudin,etc

8 subs, 324 views
Romance 1
#comedy, #love, #school_life
No Free 2018-02-15 2019-06-06

by JethRoll
"7 of 6"

Our story takes place in alternative future on unknown planet colonized by Soviet Union. The story is about 6 elite bounty hunters trying to find the mysterious old man. But as usually, everything went totally unexpected!

3 subs, 354 views
Action 1
#Action, #comedy, #future, #Sci-fi, #science-fiction, #scifi
No Free 2018-07-05 2018-07-05

by kierandn
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3 subs, 409 views
Action 1
No Free 2016-06-07 2020-06-04

by dddfdfdfdf
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0 subs, 3 views
Fantasy 1
No Free 2020-08-14 2020-08-14

by 1
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0 subs, 3 views
Romance 1
No Free 2020-05-04 2020-05-05

by GoetheInstitut_Korea
"A Fraction of Time" by Lisa Frühbeis

"A Fraction of Time" by Lisa Frühbeis is Part 1 of 4 of the webtoon series "Scroll Down to Proceed - Femaie Lives in Webtoons", initiated by the Goethe-Institut Korea featuring four renowned artists from Germany and Korea. "A Fraction of Time" is the story of a single mother, who is working creatively and was just left by the father of their children. Struggling to needs to make ends meet, she moves into the tiny vacation house of her uncle on an isolated island. While the situation with her children and her own work gets worse, she finds an escape: a parallel world that is shut off from everything. When the children start following her, this leads to a dangerous situation... We will publish a new episode each Tuesday and Thursday. Stay tuned!

40 subs, 6.52k views
Drama 15
#feminism, #feminismus, #goetheinstitutkorea
Yes Free 2021-08-30 2021-12-08

by T-botastic

AYYYYY welcome to T-botasitc's super sexy art heap where I dump all my art because why not, anyhoo check out my actual comics (they're pretty aight) why are you still reading this??? get to liking those pics to fuel my ego "evil laughs"

41 subs, 3.21k views
Slice of life 24
No Free 2018-03-18 2019-09-30

by Bedrock


1 subs, 247 views
Comedy 3
No Free 2018-09-21 2018-09-24

by André Caliman

Um romance gráfico de André Caliman.

1 subs, 172 views
Action 11
#bd, #comics, #Historic, #hq, #medieval, #quadrinhos
No Free 2020-05-04 2020-06-21

by ~•Katetikre•~
"average" life of Kat

i have MANY run on sentences and spelling errors so you wont be able to tell if its on purpose or not => most of this is random comics i make but it wont be like a once a year thing

1 subs, 159 views
Comedy 3
No Free 2019-03-20 2019-03-23

by C.R. Fahey

After bringing home a strange homeless girl named Scarlet, Kelley Russo discovers a fascinating hidden world of cryptids and legends. But she is far from welcome. >>Updates Fridays!<<

1.93k subs, 372k views
Fantasy 186
#adventure, #angels, #avibus, #cryptids, #desert, #drama, #Fantasy, #hidden_world, #journey, #las_vegas, #lgbt, #lgbtq, #lgbt_characters, #modern_fantasy, #Nevada, #queer_characters, #urban_fantasy
No Free 2016-08-16 2021-09-10

by GoetheInstitut_Korea
"BANANA MILK" by Seo Young Min

Two old friends, Anna, a third-generation Korean-American woman, and Brian, a white male, came to Korea and got hired as native-language teacher at an English kindergarten. However, the attitudes toward Anna and Brian are significantly different in Korea. One rainy day, heavily drunk Anna and Brian drink a suspicious 'flower wine' at a suspicious bar, and they wake up the next morning with their bodies swapped. Since Brian got trapped in the body of a Korean woman, he starts to experience inconceivable sexism and racism that he has never even imagined before. Brian pleads to Anna (in Brian's body) about his experiences of victimization, but Anna smiles bitterly and replies that was the world she went through. As the time goes by, Brian slowly become dismal and obsessively looking for the way back into his body.

9 subs, 1.1k views
Drama 10
Yes Free 2022-02-07 2022-06-15

by Ganna Green
"Behind the scenes" comics blog

How do I create comics and find my own style. And survive. I'm really just trying not to burst into flames. Heh.

12 subs, 358 views
Slice of life 1
No Free 2017-11-22 2017-11-22

by BrooklynVibes

A girl named Alexa is new to a school. The two popular girls,Kayla and Blake (she be trans aaaaa <33) confront her and decide to give her a makeover. The group is now the revolving people around the high school. Alexa's life changed when a boy named Jackson said "Hello there,you with those..what do you call them? Bitches? Yea,yea,them.." ------------------------------------------- hhh its kinda like the plot line of Heathers but i give full on credit

1 subs, 397 views
Drama 3
No Free 2018-03-11 2018-03-11

by Steel

DO YOU BELIEVE IN FAIRIES? “Fairies are the most beautiful of all creatures; their delicate posture and charm are entirely attractive to men. Fairies have women appearance and they tend to follow men and kids. They have one flower and color that represents them; they love animals, plants, flowers and everything shining” Two friends named Yoru and Yasashii left a shiny coin in a place they found a geranium hoping that a beautiful fairy would come to them. Time passed and the fairy didn´t come. After some years the time has come, the fairy finally came…. But… maybe their meeting won´t be what they expected. She claims protection from the Death: “Because people no longer believe in fairies, the Death has been looking for us in order to take our souls.” With the Death and a crazy fairy after them, is not going to be easy to keep a normal life. Follow the dailylife of Yasashii and Yoru as they discover the mysteries behind the little fairy.

55 subs, 4.8k views
Fantasy 53
#comedy, #digital, #drama, #Fantasy, #friendship, #ireland, #mythical, #slice of life
No Free 2014-12-22 2017-09-01

by Marcel Bartholo
"CAUSOS" - Carnica HQ

"CAUSOS" Série de historietas curtas de terror dos criadores do selo "CARNIÇA Quadrinhos", inspirada pela cultura popular brasileira. Roteiro: Rodrigo Ramos (@rcr_eddie) Arte: Marcel Bartholo (@bartholomarcel) @carnicahq www.marcelbartholo.com www.rodrigoramos.com.br

1 subs, 14 views
Horror 1
#Carnica, #comics, #horror, #hq, #marcelbartholo, #quadrinhos, #rodrigoramos, #terror
No Free 2020-08-05 2020-08-05

by WhiskerMidi
"Classic" All Over the Place

The first versions of All Over the Place, from 2013-2014. They're not great but they have their moments.

3 subs, 786 views
Comedy 2
#amber, #bug, #Comic, #Duncan, #imp, #laurel, #otter, #otters
No Free 2016-02-21 2016-02-25

by Kazumanga

"Commandments" Long time ago... Ten Mysterious Scrolls sent down from Heaven. . Ten mysterious scrolls consisted ten divine power and a commands from heaven, this scrolls chose their own holders and command them to fight each other......This is a Story of a Soldier and his Princess.... = This is the prologue of Commandments, a little idea for readers to the story of this series that will soon be published in Plus Manga Magazine.... The following chapters can be read on their magazine, thank you very much for subscriber of this series i hope you keep supporting and read my comics, it'll be a lot different than what you read here... "A Conflict that Makes the Memories Regretful" if you want to see an update and how i made my pages, you can see it here >>: https://www.facebook.com/kazurogammaru/ Note: Read Right to Left

20 subs, 386 views
Action 1
##action, ##adventure, ##art, ##comics, ##manga, ##Super Natural
No Free 2016-01-31 2018-09-11

by GiovaneAraujo
"Consórcio" PT-BR

primeira página de hq que finalizo,ficou óh....

2 subs, 177 views
Mystery 1
No Free 2019-05-10 2019-05-10

by karimedanielama
"Desconocemos el amor entre los dos "

Daniela es una chica de secundaria que nunca se sintió enamorada o atraída por un alguien pero llegó un día en el que su vida dio un giro desconocido "al amor"

1 subs, 84 views
Romance 1
No Free 2022-04-26 2022-04-26

by Aki , 16

son mis dibujos :v

1 subs, 366 views
Slice of life 14
No Free 2019-12-22 2020-10-06


EL CONVERSO, tiene como heroína a la Virgen Maria,una imagen de ella, toma vida, cada noche , baja de su pedestal en la iglesia, y se arma de dos Glock 40 para defender a un grupo de chicos de la calle en Bs.As. "THE CONVERT" has the heroine to the Virgin Mary, an image of it, comes alive every night, down from his pedestal in the church, and weapon two Glock 40 to defend a group of street kids in Bs .As. "L'CONVERT" a l'héroïne à la Vierge Marie, une image de celui-ci, se anime tous les soirs, vers le bas de son piédestal dans l'église, et arme à deux Glock 40 pour défendre un groupe de jeunes de la rue dans les Bs .As.

2 subs, 363 views
Mystery 2
#church, #city, #ciy, #comics, #dark, #God, #gos, #Man, #murder, #rock, #X-Men
No Free 2016-08-18 2017-09-09


"EL CULTO" es un cómic policial bizarro,sobre la sociedad post - dictadura en Argentina. "THE CULT" is a comic bizarre story, about the post - civic military dictatorship in Argentine. "CULTE" est une bande dessinée bizarre sur la société post - dictature en Argentine.

4 subs, 373 views
Action 2
No Free 2016-08-15 2017-09-10

"El hijo e' Putin" "Son of Putin"

Politics incorrect...

2 subs, 311 views
Slice of life 3
No Free 2017-09-09 2017-09-11

by willliampiraju
"Ele é um Sapo e Ele é um Cachorro"

"Ele é um sapo e Ele é um cachorro" É uma uma obra original feita por William Ricardo sem fins lucrativos até então. Se trata de dois jovens brasileiros que acabam se mudando para o Japão após a morte de sua mãe, seu pai que é de origem japonesa os leva para tentar uma vida no seu país natal, lá os dois garotos enfrentaram dificuldades como bullying e preconceito e tentarão provar que nem todos são iguais conhecendo alunos com problemas similares. (A obra se passa em um Japão fictício)

0 subs, 40 views
Romance 1
No Free 2022-04-28 2022-04-28

by julicucci13
"Entre la Luz y la Oscuridad"

El caos y la paz caen en un péndulo, una decisión y el fragmento del equilibrio se romperá. Ten mucho cuidado con lo que deseas~

7 subs, 335 views
Fantasy 3
#caballos, #comedia, #dragons, #ellylo, #Entre la Luz y la Oscuridad, #fantasa, #GORE, #leones, #lions, #lobo, #lobos, #poderes, #romance, #wolf, #yulykun
No Free 2017-12-10 2018-08-14

by Javier Gtz. Exeivier
"Ether" One-shot

What were the old philosophers talking about whent they described the "Ether" substance in their old writtings? this short story i did a couple years ago establishes an interesting posture. I got the script from a friend and never knew who wrote it :(

40 subs, 1.13k views
Science fiction 1
#ether, #mini, #One, #one shot, #short, #short story, #shot, #tales, #weird
No Free 2015-03-21 2015-03-21

by Steel
"Eye of the snake"

Corona and her sister Estrella are traveling merchants, they live exchanging and selling goods for money. But their life will change when they become too close to the King of Velidia... A promise upon a tragedy...

10 subs, 2.15k views
Fantasy 16
#Fantasy, #friendship, #magic, #medieval, #romance
No Free 2016-02-12 2017-01-30

by LopyGrey

did you ever imagine that on your birthday your parents try to kill you ???

27 subs, 448 views
Horror 4
#Action, #bl, #comedy, #drama, #Fantasy, #horror, #lgbt, #mystery, #romance, #slice_of_life
No Free 2019-12-25 2020-02-09

by Boeuf-de-Kobe
"For A Beautiful World!"

Shin Shikabu is a humble mercenary living on the continent of Asianesque, a land ruled by a tyrannical king entitled the "Cold Blooded King". On one fateful day, after being set upon and intentionally sandbagging against a misguided maiden in order to spare her feelings, he receives a rather unusual request to rescue the world's most beautiful man, Fujioka, from the king's clutches... A "My Dear Cold-blooded King" fanfic. https://tapastic.com/series/rnk

10 subs, 766 views
Fantasy 4
No Free 2016-08-17 2016-09-25

by Jay_espin

the life of a twenty something console "gamer"...

37 subs, 789 views
Gaming 3
#comedy, #Console, #destiny, #gamer, #gaming, #ps4, #rant, #slice of life
No Free 2016-07-03 2016-07-08

by ._phantom_.

Soren katsuki's parents wanted a girl, when it turned out his mother was having a boy she wanted an abortion but her parents wouldnt allow it, when soren was born he stayed with his grandparents as his parents didn't want him.

25 subs, 121 views
BL 1
No Free 2021-01-21 2021-07-01

by Imagination Bolt
"Grail Greed" Excalibur Experiment

Grail is tasked with learning more about what goes on in the Excalibur Experiment.

0 subs, 142 views
Action 1
#Action, #blood, #Dragon, #greed, #mask, #OCT, #swords, #weapons
No Free 2022-05-14 2022-05-14

by Shadow_Bunnie404
"Heroic" Requiem

Zion's life is just like any others, going through and struggling with what any other teenager would have to deal with on a daily basis, high school, friendships, home life, and fitting in. Well until they decide to become an upcoming vigilante. Pretty average, right? **Update Schedule Yet Not Final**

1 subs, 36 views
Action 1
No Free 2022-04-02 2022-04-02

by Stober
"HOX" Prototype CGI Comic by AMOK COMICS

The 30 page "HOX" Comic is an introduction to the world of "the Waving Man" Graphic Novel. THE WAVING MAN - Graphic Novel Something bad happened. The old man has turned his back on society for decades when a new trace leads him to the ghosts of his past. At the same time, a secret government organization is searching for a failed experiment when a new strain of influenza hits New York. Frank William Hox is the main character of “The Waving Man”. He is a 68 years old veteran and lives alone in an apartment house in Brooklyn, New York. Franks job is to look after the building, he’s the caretaker. Frank has been living in that house for 15 years. There has never been another tenant. Until now. Noah Johnson is a 21 years old man. He awakes in a Hospital without any memory of his past. He learns that his parents have died in a car crash, that he survived. His only connection to his forgotten life is his elder Sister Jean. Noah has suffered serious head injuries and lost the ability to speak and to control multiple parts of his body. Jean Meyers is a 33 years old woman and the elder sister of Noah Johnson. She is working in a private polling company in New York and lives in Manhattan with her boyfriend Patrick. Miss Meyers seems to have an impressive character and a strong will and she is helping her brother in every way to speed up his recovery. Justice Blackman is 42 days old and is the first of his kind.

10 subs, 848 views
Science fiction 1
#Action, #cgi, #hyperrealistic, #mystery, #scifi, #thriller
No Free 2017-01-02 2017-01-02

by Xianha
"I Have No Life" Life Comics

Follow the Daily life of a person who has none. Yeah... I know.

29 subs, 1.04k views
Slice of life 5
#4koma, #Comedy?, #comics, #I_have_no_life, #xianha
No Free 2016-01-19 2018-02-07

by Quinn
"I need a backstory too!"

Because all my characters need a backstory too ;)

0 subs, 63 views
Fantasy 1
No Free 2021-12-24 2021-12-24

by FossilizedNara
"I See Through You!

A highly anti-social college student named Victoria does her best to keep people at arms distance. However, her entire life is about to be changed thanks to a playful ghost named Charlie. Victoria being the only person who can see this high spirited spirit means that Charlie doesn't have any plans too let Victoria push her away, much to Victoria's annoyance. Romance/ drama/ comedy /girl love.

8 subs, 202 views
Drama 5
#drama, #gl, #mystery, #romance, #science_fiction, #slice_of_life, #University_Life
No Free 2022-04-04 2022-07-21

by kla6rroo
"It's my day"

My 1st short comic. I made it in 2013 and it was Amazing and challenge Experience for me ♥♥.

5 subs, 465 views
Slice of life 1
#comedy, #kla6rroo, #my life
No Free 2016-01-24 2016-01-25

by Emi.Lee
"It's Okay"

A personal silent comic i did when i was at my lowest. There was no need for it to be perfect; but the reflection of my very own feelings. Dedicated to that one person who was there for me and still is. Someone i consider more than family.

1 subs, 438 views
Slice of life 5
No Free 2017-03-16 2017-03-16

by Claire Darkfang
"Its just a doodle"

This will be my storage for my drawings. Have a look, tho there probably will all be really bad. Just some random doodles and drawings that I decided to upload.

16 subs, 1.75k views
Fantasy 25
#anime, #doodles, #drawings, #fanart, #helpme, #random, #sketch, #sketchbook, #trash
No Free 2016-10-27 2017-11-19

by KairuMustDie

"Kairu" is a troubled young man on a quest to become a badass hitman, armed with nothing but a rusty katana, a black trenchcoat and a pair of shades. Well, failing on a quest to become a badass hitman would be more appropriate, as Kairu's incompetence has got him strapped for cash and just barely missing a visit from the reaper himself. But all that may change when he receives a job from a mysterious client. This is the story of a fool completely out of his mind.

2 subs, 239 views
Comedy 4
#Action, #assassin, #canadian, #hitman, #Kairu, #winnipeg
No Free 2020-08-17 2022-04-24

by D.K.P.

Daily adventures of an artist, doesn't get more interesting than that

1 subs, 299 views
Comedy 5
#adventures, #artist, #artistic, #Comedic, #Comic, #funny, #life, #series
No Free 2018-06-04 2018-06-05

by elidanus
"lucky" roll

"lucky" roll is a comic based on me and my friend dungeon and dragon story and how none of us can roll a dice to save are life's (literally) join us on are magical adventure! will add tages as i go along

9 subs, 649 views
Fantasy 6
No Free 2018-09-23 2018-12-14

by Maitane Mestre
"Mai" Life

Random and funny situations in my life and those around me.

30 subs, 922 views
Comedy 4
No Free 2015-11-12 2015-12-13

by coralinchaelot
"milano sushi e crucca"-files: near death experiences

The lesbian urge to travel across the city at 2 am and almost die

8 subs, 178 views
Slice of life 1
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by Miguel Redondo-Comic
"MISI" by Miguel Redondo. (Spanish)

Serie de tiras cómicas semanales en español. "MISI" de Misericordia. By Miguel Redondo.

6 subs, 757 views
Comedy 14
#Comic, #humor, #joke, #Misi, #spanish, #tira_comica
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by poy4life09

The saddest story of a cat on comic world.

11 subs, 338 views
Drama 1
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by Dest Pantheros
"My Karma is A Bi&C@T!!"

Karma, "The Beast of Duality" was charged along with the other 71 Orders of creation, to oversee their missing master's legacy. In a peaceful World, where the people had discovered knowledge of karma. This power from ancient times, Led to differences within the people. In an effort to help lessen the injustice, Nilo a boy who comprehended karma. Traveled to the world's core, and there he found a sphere. An ancient system, As well as a Cat who said "I am Karma", and After he was never seen again.

2 subs, 71 views
Fantasy 3
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by mrLacie

Come join Lyssa as she fucks up her life.

31 subs, 1.54k views
Slice of life 3
#depression, #life, #Lyssa please no, #no, #please no
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by Gabyrela
"O coelhinho (e o Lobo)"

avisos: essa comic pode conter, violência, palavrões e viadagem

10 subs, 350 views
Fantasy 1
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by silentArtist

In this world, humans are now capable of transforming into animals! Now let us observe what goes on the daily life of a family who can transform into OWLS. Read from left to right! may be bad you have been warned

324 subs, 11.2k views
Romance 16
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by Digital District

-GL- Everlyn is a sophomore at Elk Valley Highschool. She gets all A's, volunteers at every event, is the president of the student council, helps every student who asks, tutors, she is a model student. Everlyn is known as the "perfect," girl. One day she notices herself staring at a girl every day. She tries to push her feelings away, thinking about her homophobic family. They would never accept her. The girl caught her staring and approached her...

16 subs, 199 views
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"EL PIBE HERMÉTICA", PIBE ,en argentina, es una jerga que se refiere a un joven o un hombre pequeño, este es un cómic sobre un joven fanático por la banda de trhash argentina "HERMÉTICA", que impacta en su vida y amigos. "El Pibe HERMÉTICA" PIBE, in Argentina, is a jargon that refers to a young man or young man, this is a comic about a young fan from the side of Argentina trhash "TIGHT" which impacts his life and friends . "El Pibe Hermetica" PIBE, en Argentine, est un jargon qui fait référence à un jeune homme ou jeune homme, cela est une bande dessinée d'un jeune fan du côté de l'Argentine trhash "Hermetica" qui affecte sa vie et amis .

1 subs, 287 views
Comedy 1
#argentina, #boys, #dark, #fun, #heavy, #heroes, #Politics, #rage, #rock
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by (Not) Lazy Panda
"Pro" Crastination

A series of comics about how life works. At least for me.

29 subs, 832 views
Comedy 4
#comedy, #short comics, #slice of life
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by quadraddo

Short comic based on a quote i saw on tumblr

2 subs, 174 views
Slice of life 1
#Inspirational, #quote, #short
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by Miguel Redondo-Comic

"Propósitos". (spanish) * Guión /Dibujo: Miguel Redondo. Una historia de amistad, fracasos, esperanzas, amor, humor y alegría. Cuatro amigos que se encontrarán en un mundo en continuo movimiento.

2 subs, 125 views
Comedy 1
#amistad, #comedia, #comedy, #Comic, #friends, #love, #slice_of_life, #young
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by Mint_icecream

When a group of "random" teenagers get thrown into a pocket realm almost no one even knew existed, their first priority is getting home. Little do they know, this is just the start of their problems.

12 subs, 513 views
#bl, #bxb, #destiny, #elves, #Fantasy, #fate, #lgbt, #love, #pocket_realm, #romance, #worlds
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by Schatten Neon

ehm ehm, welcome to RANDOMALIA, where the subjects are random! and there is no fixed genre, but mostly I think *PRANKS AND JOKES?* xD hope you enjoy it anyways :3 sorry, this is just too random haha xD

31 subs, 2.72k views
Slice of life 19
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by Kazumanga

This was made about years and years ago, so some of the drawing and grammar, are not a bit understandable.. anyway, enjoy it guys! In the world of "Dream" where people live with different powers, some of them used it to help someone, and some of them used it to destroy everything and summoning demons. . The Boy name "Shiro" who have a "Tail Artifacts", an artifacts who have a incredible power. He used it to revenge to the person who killed his friend 5 years ago, and promise that he will use this power he get to destroy anyone who using their power to evil and destroy all demon. He traveled around the world of "Dream" with "Yuki" a magician girl, they traveling around the world to find the man and defeat a demons. Release: Monthly *Note: "I'm still a beginner, so please no hard comment" Thank You and Enjoy Reading! Note:"this series is no longer be updating.. you can check out my new series"

81 subs, 2.13k views
Action 11
#adventure, #comedy, #drama, #Fantasy, #harem, #manga, #manga_madness, #shounen, #tragedy
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by Bernie 69

A girl who hates losing more than dying. Cross posted on webtoon ! https://m.webtoons.com/en/challenge/regular/list?title_no=383893&webtoon-platform-redirect=true

2 subs, 236 views
Slice of life 6
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by Soul Tale
"Relatable" Comic

I'm a guy, who likes to draw comics in his spare time when I get them done (digitally) I'll post them here, along with some doodles. Enjoy...

8 subs, 837 views
Slice of life 8
#Comic, #relatable, #RelatableComic, #slice of life
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by Doug Goudsward
"ROBINSON" Episode 2

Learn how to mount your own Presidential Campaign by reading my hit book, "The Faking of the President."

4 subs, 456 views
Comedy 1
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by Windmuzz

Stuff that happened irl I guess? I guess.

13 subs, 616 views
Slice of life 2
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by Alex.F
"Scientific Gaming"

Ever imagined what happens if you mix science and gaming? A researcher that was fan of video games/comics and all the nerdy stuff, as well as enjoyed it in his spare time :D ? Follow the everyday of a scientist/gamer :P.

1 subs, 198 views
Slice of life 1
#comics, #funny, #gaming, #nerdy, #science
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by hayashiart

It is told that the apparition of the 2 new suns caused the greatest disasters for humanity and destroyed 80% of biodiversity on earth. In a world dominated by poverty and war, we follow the story of a young scientist named "Sey" who will discover mysterious eggs in one of a rare preserved forest. However, she will discover these eggs carry on terrible secrets and powers...

4 subs, 227 views
Action 1
#Action, #adventure, #comics, #girl, #horror, #manga, #Seinen, #sey, #shojo, #shonen
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by GoetheInstitut_Korea
"She's Killin' It" by HYEO

A woman with a below-average family, below-average appearance, and below-average education. Life doesn't allow her to have a stable job, a proper home or friendships. She makes ends meet with poorly paid and precarious jobs and works as a temporary help at a kindergarten or as a salesperson at a convenience store. Then, one day, while bringing her employer's child to kindergarten, a passerby insults her. It doesn't upset her because she is a person on the less emotional side. However, as she keeps getting abused verbally, she eventually begins to react to the disdain.

8 subs, 676 views
Drama 4
#goetheinstitutkorea, #hyeo
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by John Smith
"Sophy Anthology" by John Smith ENG

A girl in an asylum claims to be god. Is it the true?

0 subs, 49 views
Horror 1
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by John Smith
"SOPHY: Blood & Mind" by John Smith ITA

Una ragazza rinchiusa in un ospedale psichiatrico dice di essere Dio. Sarà vero?

0 subs, 73 views
Horror 2
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by wilsonnera
"Stories with abrupt endings "

Stories with abrupt endings, stories that are tragic, sad, or just end before they begin are more than just ideas and how to deal with what ends.

1 subs, 88 views
Drama 2
#hq, #manga, #quadrinho_, #webcomic
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by thales

"strangers", é o apelido dado a um grupo de pessoas com máscarados criado por Kenzu Shiniro, (o irmão mais velho de  Korui Shiniro). Korui Shiniro é um estudante do ensino médio com 17 anos, onde perdeu os pais ainda pequeno. Morando com a avó e sua irmã, Tsui Shiniro, quando nasceu, seu pai avia falecido em um acidente de carro, com apenas 7 anos Korui Shiniro, junto com sua irmã mais nova Tsui Shiniro, com apenas 6 anos, foram morar com a avó no interior do Japão na cidade de Hakone. Kenzu Shiniro com 10 anos, foi morar junto com sua mãe em Shibuya (Tóquio). Com o passar do tempo, Korui Shiniro não teve mais notícias de sua mãe, e, de seu irmão mais velho Kenzu Shiniro. Sua avó avia falecido com 78 anos, Kenzu e Tsui começaram a morar sozinho desde então.

27 subs, 5.41k views
Action 8
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by KatzeDoro
"That's Okay."

This is about a girl who is struggling with trust and love. She falls in love with someone who rejects her but has a problem in moving on...

44 subs, 603 views
Romance 1
#Angst, #angsty, #issuses, #love, #Rejection, #romance, #trustissues
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by shaniekalleyne1
"The Bird Became my Elf Husband ?!"

Stella is an ordinary 21 year old born in Japan except for her unique non-japanese name. She came across an injured bird and takes care of it. Two weeks later she found herself on the ground bleeding to death in an accident on her way to work. In that moment, an elf who claims to be the bird, marries her without her consent in an attempt to save her. She herself becomes an elf ! Will this marriage be broken? Or will she make up her mind to live with him utill the end of time?

3 subs, 13 views
Romance 2
No Free 2020-09-16 2020-09-22

by Rojabi
"The Clock"

In a feline society, there have always been rumors about a mysterious clock that is said to possess the left eye of it's victims. Engraved in it's roman numerals is the amount of time a cat has left to live. This knowledge leads the victim to decide between death and murder...

0 subs, 68 views
Horror 1
#cats, #clock, #drama, #horror
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THE CULT, a private neighborhood, a prison, many grouted stories ... the garbage dump of a country or the hidden reality we do not want to accept?

3 subs, 277 views
Mystery 1
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by AntonioGrim
"The Epic Stories of a Common Life"

These are the epic stories of the common life of Grim, a guy who tries to continue every day without much hope, besides some crazy stories coming out of my rare head! ...

3 subs, 368 views
Comedy 6
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by Shamary190
"The Fallen One" Concept Art

Concept Art for a Webcomic I'm working on

13 subs, 587 views
Drama 2
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by Jojobell
"The Magic unites us"

"When Kiyomi and Ayumi come to a new school, they cannot foresee that everything would change for them. At the latest when both of them get to know two new Teachers, they too are aware that this school has completely new challenges in store for them. Because when they find out that they have magical abilities that could decide the fate of the world, they realize that nothing will be the same as it was before!" "The fight against the forces of darkness can begin!" A Comic by Johanna_Manga_Style

3 subs, 186 views
Fantasy 3
#Action, #artist, #Comic, #Fantasy, #Girlspower, #magic, #mystery, #Power, #Themagicunitesus
No Free 2020-12-26 2021-10-05

by Ramflight
"This is our Little Secret"

Have you met Alice? Pray that you never will. A short Lovecraftian manga to darken your dreams. Reminder: read right to left!

0 subs, 110 views
Science fiction 7
#alice, #cosmic_horror, #Cthulhu, #horror, #lovecraftian, #manga, #Monster, #mystery, #SCI_FI, #web_comic
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by ItosDoodles
"This time it will work"

(Lazy) Comics that will (probably not) make you laugh (but really... they won't)

2 subs, 80 views
Comedy 3
#comedy, #humor
No Free 2020-04-23 2020-04-27

by Gen-Atto

A slice of life about daily annoyances, and twists. Change is scary, but we've all been there, right?

6 subs, 1.02k views
Slice of life 5
#Editorial Draken, #face, #GenAtto, #hair, #hairloss, #horror, #loss, #slice of life, #teeth, #today
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by Aê, vida Zuada!!!
"Todo dia é dia de Zueira"

Um grupo de jovens que se mete nas mais inúmeras confusões, um mais doido que o outro, o que será que se pode esperar?

6 subs, 515 views
Comedy 2
No Free 2017-10-04 2017-10-06

by Miguel Redondo-Comic
"Un gran día"

La historia de una chica que cumple 16 años, buena estudiante, rodeada de amigos, con éxito en los estudios y en el deporte... La vida cotidiana de cualquier adolescente... O no... Año: 2017 Guión: Fran Serrano. Dibujo: Miguel Redondo.

2 subs, 350 views
Drama 2
#Comic, #Granada, #slice_of_life
No Free 2020-05-14 2020-06-16

by KarmaBud
"Une baguette, s'il vous plaît !"

Marbles n'est encore qu'un enfant dans un monde qui lui semble bien grand. Du haut de sa cabane il observe toutes les semaines un jeune livreur passer pour ramener du pain vers la maison de sa meilleure amie, Eve. Ayant récemment appris le principe d'un échange de biens, il se lance dans une petite expérience pour voir si il peut se débrouiller seul.

25 subs, 884 views
Slice of life 4
No Free 2019-09-25 2020-06-01

by The_optimist
"Vanessa, no"

Doodles of awkward experiences, situations, and memories. Caution: May be redundant, repetitive, or just rambling.

13 subs, 1.12k views
Slice of life 11
#funny, #no, #slice of life, #vanessa-no, #Vanessa... yes, #yes
No Free 2016-01-25 2018-09-28

by filmest87
"Viagem ao passado" BR

Tirinha cômica abordando sobre a covid-19 nos dias atuais e trazendo a perspectiva dos materiais que eram usados antigamente como armadura e as "armaduras" que possuímos atualmente como prevenção.

5 subs, 154 views
Comedy 1
#2020, #atualidade, #comica, #covid, #covid19, #Critica, #hq, #humor, #tirinha
No Free 2020-10-28 2020-10-28

by Mr M
"What They Don't Tell You About Chemo" Journal in progress, for what it's worth...

When they put that goop in your system anything can happen, Anything!

12 subs, 3k views
Comedy 59
#cancer, #chemo, #dark_humor, #humor, #SVA
No Free 2020-07-05 2021-05-12

by Pi Animate
"Why?" (Español/Spanish)

Yeh.. uhm.. .-H-hola.. mi nombre es Kanna.. y-y soy una princesa o algo así...- .-A-actualmente tengo 27 a-años, pero no c-crean que por ser una princesa mi vida fue simplemente perfecta.. no, no..-. .-Hoy les contaré mi vida resumida.. o ese es mi objetivo.. y no, n-no es tan feliz como probablemente te la estés imaginando-. .-Ah, y por cierto, estoy muerta-. Atentamente, Kanna.

1 subs, 229 views
Science fiction 3
No Free 2018-10-23 2018-10-27

by TeatimeForBears
"You need to run!"

Hey. This description was like super edgy, but I decided I didn't want to scare off anyone, lol So This series is where I am going to be putting my finished artworks, and character references. I am going to apologize, because I realized I forget to watermark a lot of my things, so I beg of you; don't steal my art, just because there's no watermark. ^^ (Although I don't think anyone is going to do that; I'm just going to put that out there now.) With that said, this is probably going to be the more solemn of my two "portfolios", per se. My other one "Welcome to the jam", is DEFINITELY my joke one. Thank you for reading this!

2 subs, 449 views
Slice of life 4
#Alll righty, #Let's get this started and HA
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by Geu-Ken

Description:A boy from a small village who wanted to become a God and is looking for the truth and finding who is the hero nor Villain in there world then ended up teaming with friends to achieve the truth.

5 subs, 52 views
Action 3
#GeuKen, #Zodi, #ZODIAC_
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